The Workout Files - Trance, Vol. 1

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  • Alex Teddy & Marko T. vs. Stephan F - The King of Poker (Hoxygen Vocal Remix) (Karika Records)
    Trance Arts - Dark Knight (Blue Tente Uplifting Remix) (Eyereflex Records)
    The Loop of Life - Lost in Space (Galactica Mix) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
    A.g.a.m.a - Star Rain (Rock'n Trance Recordings)
    Earsome - Silent (Extended Mix) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
    Redub - Bright Days (Ethillas Remix) (Magnifique Recordings)
    Ampetermin - Doorstop (The Ampetermin Project)
    Bilal El Aly & Vince Aoun - Nacreous (Dave Cold Remix) (Trance All-Stars Records)
    Charly Beck - Picture of a Stranger (Josh Grape B-Side Mix) (Charly Beck Records)
    Gervay Brio - Atemple (Novieval)
    Yaneena - Again (Instrumental Version) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
    King Hookiss - To the Edges of the Earth (Space Edit) (Hooki-Sonic Recordings)
    Carlos Olmo - Dancing on the rain (CO2 RECORDS)
    Denys Nazarov - Blockbuster (Ghost Flower Records)
    Markell feat. Nika White - Never Let You Go (R3dub Remix) (Arcadia Moon)
    Bardalimov - Future Memories (4Beat Records)
    Gonzi - Heaven (PSR Music)
    Moment 4 Sound - Dia en la Playa (Hard Dance Remix) (Islas Baleares)
    Tonliebe - Dream (Club Mix) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
    Surisan - Give It Up (Trancephonic Extended Mix) (ARC-Records Austria)
    Soulfultrance the Real Producers - Keep On Movin' (Instrumental Extended Version) (M F Records)
    Lightsphere - Everyday (Savva Records)
    Kris Elexxound - Look Ahead (Elexxound Music)
    Salvatore Palumbo - Play Again (Reworked Version) (Groove Rec Italy)
    Frank Nora - Trance Pickitah Motion 2 (Ranky Fanky)
    Paul Vax & Ultrabazz - Infected (Rgmusic Records)
    Dodo Basnak & Michael Lander feat. Sanija - Never Ending (D&L Records)
    Paul Adams - Cosmopolitan (Main Mix) (TCD Recordings)
    Dancingdevil - Highway to Mars (Dancingdevil Records)
    Peter Lagarde - Firestarter (Peter Lagarde Mix Music)
    Scape Eleven - Es Vedra (Radio Edit) (Del Mar Records)
    Physical Phase - A Little of Noise (Club Mix) (Arcadia Moon)
    Cepheus 1 - Cut D Mid-Range (Mark Horner Remix) (Back to the 90s)
    Mario Castello - Freedom (Peaceful Version) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
    Blue Space - Step in the Future (Islas Baleares)
    Fat Data - Lolly Jolly (Parasomnia Music)
    South Germany Trance - Keys of Life (Department of Trance)
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